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发了啊,没有收到吗? 看下图:

是的,出处不清楚。但有她的另一部片:Good Clean Fun Featuring Holly

整理你的屋子 鲍勃的妈妈真愚蠢. 他的屋子简直太糟糕了. 她说;”整理你的屋子.” 鲍勃把他的玩具放在他的床底下. 鲍勃把他的脏衣服放在他的床底下. 鲍勃把他的书放在他的床底下. 他说:”现在我的屋子干净了.”

a little cloud 少云 a clean, well-lighted place 一个干净、灯光透亮的地方 the mark on the wall 墙上的印记 lost in the funhouse 在游乐园里迷路了

取笑是make fun of。 表被动时,介词绝对不能丢。 was doing 表进行,doing出... 1,clean up: 1.扫除,清扫 eg:to give the house a good clean up 给...

That’s fun. But not this Sunday. Because the... Zoom and Zip are good friends. They are ...C. In the village, the water is clean and ...

20__Eating__(eat) more vegetable is good for ...52 I often __clean__(clean ) the room. He ...63 We can __get_(get ) fun here.64 He __...

1.BecauseIt has the cheapest prices, the most comfortable beds, the cleanesr rooms, and the best room service 2.Because Highville Steak House...


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