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发了啊,没有收到吗? 看下图:


①it will表将来。 clear up 放晴。 clean up是整理的意思。 当然也有大捞一笔的意思。 整句话是 已经下了三天雨了,我希望天气能放晴。 ②mary意识...

The brain receives information from the outside word through the sensory(感觉的)system.This information is collected through the eyes,the nose,the...

是的,出处不清楚。但有她的另一部片:Good Clean Fun Featuring Holly

a little cloud 少云 a clean, well-lighted place 一个干净、灯光透亮的地方 the mark on the wall 墙上的印记 lost in the funhouse 在游乐园里迷路了

19 He __is__(be) tired now and he _wants_to_go__(want go ) home. 20__Eating__(eat) more vegetable is good for you. 21 In the ...


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